8 Solutions in one Box

1. 8x Faster

With the Patchbox you‘re working 8 times faster! This doesn‘t count only for the first installation but also for your daily tasks. Either with changing the patch of a workstation or with the creation of a new connection.

2. All-in-One Solution

No worries about different cable lengths! Just pull as much cable as you need out of the Patchbox – just like a vacuum cleaner. The needed cable management is included with the Patchbox.

3. No Cable Spaghetti

Never ever cable spaghetti again! This will be relevant when an active component fails. It will cost your company lots of money when the technician needs half a day to figure out what‘s going on.

4. Lasting Tidiness

Always have the cables where you need them, right underneath your patch panel. Forget about the famous cable box in the corner of the room.


Save space! You won’t need your conventional cable management anymore. This means, that you’ll save up half the space wasted by your previous cable management. You’ll gain more space for components.


Save energy! No more cable over lengths means less barricades in the airflow, which makes cooling of your cabinets more efficient. Also the dust cleaning in your cabinet will be easier, the chances of a failing fan are lower because of less dust and heat.


The cables we use in our Patchbox are flat cables, which only need one third of the space of conventional round cables.
No more cable harnesses but overview! Even cable ties won’t be needed anymore.

8. 100% TESTED

Our cables are 100% tested. We’ve learned a lot about cables. It‘s sad that many cables don‘t offer what they promise. This results in a bad performing network. So, why should you spend piles of money on active components and slow down your network with bad cables?


And it is that easy: look up a dealer near you and get an offer! If you cannot find one in your country simply get in touch with Patchbox and we will help you.