The PATCHBOX® is a patented, fully modular system. It contains of a 1RU frame, up to 24 cassettes in several cable colors or even different cable types and our cable management, the Patchcatch.

Because of the unique design of our PATCHBOX® cassettes you only need to pull out the cable length you need. Unneeded cable lengths will be pulled back and stored within the cassette automatically. With this, you will never ever have a messy network cabinet again! Set an end to cable spaghetti! Need a fibre optic uplink? No worries! Just swap a fibre optic cassette in and you are ready to go!

Be prepared for everything

Each PATCHBOX® frame can hold up to 24 cassettes. Currently we have Cat. 6 STP & UTP patch cords as well as fibre optic in OS2, OM3 and OM4 available. Also several cable colors are available for the Cat. 6 patch cords so you can visually separate your applications from each other.

Save Space

There is no need for any cable management anymore! Neither a horizontal nor a vertical. You only need your patch panels, switches with 24 or 48 ports and PATCHBOXes. Each PATCHBOX® already comes with 4 Patchcatches enabling you to distribute the patch cords from the switch to the patch panel. Those are simply mounted on the side of your components with no need of extra rack units for cable management. Stop wasting space for cable trays!

quick – really quick

The PATCHBOX® comes ready to install. Setups and changes or adaptions can be done 8 times faster than with any system available on the market. PATCHBOX® brings a never before seen logic to your cabinet, which allows you to replace a switch without documentation in 3 minutes!

Be creative

There are many ways to design the PATCHBOX® into your infrastructure. Make your system transparent and efficient. For inspiration visit our gallery or let us help planning your perfect setup. Get in touch today!